Home Buyer Education (HBE)– Our class teaches you everything you need to know to become a successful homeowner. Budgeting, understanding credit, working with realtors, shopping for a loan, and learning to maintain a home are just a few of the topics covered.  2018 HBE Schedule 

Financial Coaching – Creating a sound financial plan, setting and achieving financial goals and making wise consumer decisions all start the process for sustainable home ownership. Our home advisors will work with each customer to develop a personalized action plan. They will help to examine finances, determine goals, establish individualized savings programs and address any credit issues.

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Down-Payment Assistance

The HomeOwnershipCenter has been a long-standing partner with SONYMA to help promote and educate customers about their affordable mortgage products with low down payment requirements and down payment assistance.  To learn more about SONYMA and where to find a participating lender, please call the HomeOwnershipCenter at (315) 724-4197 or visit www.nyhomes.org to learn more.

West Utica Down Payment Assistance– This down payment assistance grant through the HomeOwnershipCenter is a fully forgiveable loan for $6,500! You must purchase your home within the target area, which you can view HERE.

     Income Guidelines

City of Utica Down Payment Assistance This down payment assistance grant through the HomeOwnershipCenter is fully forgiveable. Based on the purchase price of the home you are looking to buy, you could receive UP TO $20,500 in down payment assitance. A map of the target area can be found HERE.

     Income Guidelines

Oneida and Madison County Down Payment Assistance This down payment assistance and rehabilitaion grant through the HomeOwnershipCenter is a fully forgiveable loan of $24,750.  51% of the grant must be used for rehabilitation ($14,750) and 49% of the grant can be used for down payment and/or closing costs ($10,000). For a printable flyer click HERE

     Income Guidelines

First Home Club – The HomeOwnershipCenter partners with several local banks to offer a matched savings program for home buyers looking to buy in New York State and are in need of down payment and/or closing cost assistance.
The First Home Club* (FHC) matches $4.00 for every $1.00 you deposit – up to a maximum of $7,500.  There are various savings plans ranging from 10-24 months long.

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*Note: Customers interested any of these down-payment assitance programs MUST complete Home Buyer Education.

Loan Products – click here for a listing of available loan products!

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