Community Leadership Training

Community Leadership Training – The HomeOwnershipCenter can empower residents throughout our service area by assisting them in developing block associations. Residents can achieve positive change through their Block Associations; from strengthening the social fabric in their neighborhoods to improving the delivery services through meetings with public and elected officials.

ABC: The Association of Block Coalitions (ABC) was formed by the HomeOwnershipCenter in 1994 to provide a strong network of support for existing block associations and aid in the development of new ones. ABC links block associations, neighborhood watch groups, tenant associations, development associations and other community groups.

Community Meetings – Neighborhood issues and concerns will be discussed and representatives from the HomeOwnershipCenter, public safety official, City and Oneida County governments are normally available to answer questions.
For a listing of this months community meetings click here or if you want to confirm a meeting, please feel free to contact Craig Grant at 315-724-4197, or email us at