Customer Stories

“Buying a home is a big decision and even a little scary to be honest.  My wife and I knew that we wanted to buy our own home, but we didn’t have the slightest idea of how to get there. From the beginning, The HomeOwnershipCenter was there for us.
It started with their home-buying education class. This was critical to determining how much money we needed to save, how long it was going to take us and specific knowledge to making good home-buying decisions. They even helped us identify programs that would provide funding. These programs went a long way in helping us save for the large down-payment required to buy a home.
After the education class, The HomeOwnershipCenter continued to be at our side. They helped us evaluate our credit scores and look for areas of improvement. This helped us get the lowest interest rate possible and saved us thousands of dollars over the life of our mortgage. They even went so far to direct us to different local banks in order to get the best loan product to meet our personal and financial needs.
Now that we have purchased our first home, The HomeOwnershipCenter has continued to grow with us. They have offered us a number of workshops on various topics about owning a home and managing our finances.
The HomeOwnershipCenter made the process of buying a home much easier than if we went into it alone and essentially at no cost to us. My wife and I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like without them. The HomeOwnershipCenter truly offers a life-time friendship. From both my wife and I, we would like to extend thanks to the great staff at the HomeOwnershipCenter.”

-Kevin and Dollysa Prosser
Marcy, NY


“I knew my home was in need of some repairs, and was exploring ways to get the work done.  I was referred to the HomeOwnershipCenter by Herkimer County Office of the Aging.  The staff at the HomeOwnershipCenter was a tremendous help.  They worked with me to figure out exactly what work needed done on my home and found a reliable contractor to get the work done.
There were some codes issues which were fixed, my roof repaired, and some doors and windows replaced.  I also was able to get a new furnace and spray foam insulation was put in.  I have heating assistance and try my best to stretch it out over the winter.  Since this work was completed, I have noticed a significant drop in my heating bill which is a blessing when you are living on a fixed income.
I rate the service I received from the HomeOwnershipCenter as outstanding and I am very thankful for all their help.”

-Mr. Stubbs
Ilion, NY